Benefits of Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is an important tool used by internet marketing companies. It basically is similar to print and other forms of advertising. The idea is that one creates a banner, either an image or an animation with the logo and an attractive phrase describing the company. This banner is then placed on other popular websites. Users visiting these popular websites will then see the banner and get attracted to click on the advertisement. On click, the user is navigated to the home page of the advertising company, thus getting more visits.

Following are the benefits that banner advertising has to offer to users:

1. It is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. It is a very efficient way of brand building, allowing you to display your logo and brand image upfront to users.

2. It is suited for those brands where the probability of users going and searching for them is rare. In these cases, it is better to put the brand on the search page so that users get more aware of the availability of the brand or product.

3. It is simple and easy and there are many tools available online that can help you make the perfect banner announcing your arrival on the internet marketplace.

4. It can be a great supplement to a marketing campaign, such that the same or similar banners are used in the online as well as the offline world.

5. These ads help advertise your product to a wider audience – at a cost that would be negligible compared to other advertising mediums. The cost benefit ratio is extremely lucrative in the world of banner advertising.

If you want to go for this kind of digital advertising, you can get it done in house or you can contact a digital or online media advertising agency to do the same for you. When designing a banner advertisement, the key things to keep in mind are.
It must be visually appealing
The message text must be catchy yet simple
The colors must be attractive and in line with the product.
The file size of the image must be small, typically in the range of 40 – 70 kb

How does the pricing work?
There are various pricing models for banner advertising. The simplest of them is to have a flat rate per quarter or per month. The other model that is popular is the CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) model. If the ads are on popular news sites or magazines that are renowned in the online industry, then they are usually not affordable to the small businesses. Small businesses usually look for targeted niche areas that will put up their ad for a negligible or sometimes even a free cost.

Banner advertising is the buzz word when it comes to internet marketing and has many benefits. It is easy to try out and does not cost much. If you have a product or service that you are proud of and want to make it known across geographies and age barriers, then banner advertising may be just the right way to move ahead.

Banner Ad Networks – How To Choose The Best Ad Agency

Banner ad networks offer a great way for you to monetize your websites and pull in a decent income on a regular basis. Having said that, it’s crucial you sign up with the right advertising agencies. This article reveals 5 quick tips that show you exactly how to do that:

* Tip 1


As you may know, CPA is when a user clicks on a banner and either signs up for something (lead) or purchases a product or service (sale) advertised on the landing page. CPM generally refers to the cost per 1000 impressions. On the other hand, if you opt for a CPC advertising model, you will be paid a certain amount every single time a visitor clicks on your ad and lands on the advertiser’s website. Top notch banner ad networks will always provide you with a good mix of these three models.

* Tip 2

Control Over The Types Of Ads Displayed

You want to choose reputed agencies that give you a degree of control over the types of ads you’d like to display on your site. This is especially useful if you know that certain ad formats tend to generate a better response in your niche.

* Tip 3


Do the banner ad networks you’re considering offer ads that are relevant to the niche you’re targeting? More importantly though, do you believe their ads would appeal to your target audience? If you pick a provider that serves up plenty of irrelevant advertising, not only is it going to result in a decrease in your earnings, it may also turn off visitors that arrive at your site.

* Tip 4


While the days of earning $10 per CPM ad are long gone (unless of course you attract the interest of companies that are willing to pay big bucks in exchange for some banner space on your site), you should still look to receive a decent payout. A good target to aim for would be around $.15 – $.20 CPC or a minimum of $1 – $4 CPM. Anything less than this would not be worth pursuing.

* Tip 5


It’s highly recommended that you stick with banner ad networks that pay on time, all the time. The vast majority of companies follow the standard payment schedule – around 15 to 30 days after the month has ended. Your paid on clicks that have taken place during the prior month.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it – five super simple, yet highly effective tips on selecting solid banner ad networks. Armed with this information, you can now confidently go ahead and select the best option for your requirements.

Features To Look For In A Top Banner Design Tool

There was a time when only big players of the domain enjoyed all the advertising benefits on offer. Small entities had absolutely no chance to compete against the financial might of big brands. They had to settle with whatever little their advertising budget could afford. A similar story played out in the digital world where big businesses walked away with the lion’s share of banner advertising and left virtually nothing for their small brothers. All this came to an end with the arrival of tools that could help create amazing designs for banner ads. Since then, a level playing field has been established in the domain.

The scenario is changed now as small businesses can easily compete with big players of the domain as they have tools for help. They too can get as charming and attractive banner ads as big entities and they too can spread their messages in the digital world with an effortless ease. They needn’t even bother about hiring a team of graphic designers to get awesome designs for banner ads. They can, in fact, hope to stand out in the market on the basis their sustained efforts in banner advertising, and also on the basis of some amazing ads.

All this has become possible because the market is now flooded with tools that help businesses design their own ads and leverage banner advertising to core. Such tools can help anyone create multiple designs at once and then select the best from the available lot. What’s more, these tools let your small business save some serious money, time and efforts that are otherwise needed with banner advertising. In a way, banner advertising is no longer the preserve of only those that have a deep purse to splurge without any care in the world. Rather, its benefits are available to one and all and that too, in an equal manner.

With so much benefits to avail, it makes a lot of sense for us to understand those tools well and then try to leverage them in a superior manner. We should know that most of those tools are PHP-coded and they are highly responsive in nature. Similarly, they support all major web browsers in the world and deliver compatibility across devices or screen sizes. Using them, it’s easy to add text and arches effects, upload images and rotate texts and images. They can be used to change background, add art and save all those designs with ease. More so, a lot of templates and themes come packed with these tools.

Quite clearly, businesses now have a chance to select from some of the best banner design software to score big with banner advertising. These tools are helpful in many ways and they help businesses gain a lot with banner advertising despite being short on resources. They not only make advertising campaigns a success but also restore the much-needed sanity in a domain where big players have always dominated the scene. These tools are a great chance for small businesses to realize their true potential and achieve success. After all, it takes a lot to convert users into prospects.

Socially Responsible Investing Goes Mainstream

Selecting investments based on both financial considerations and personal values is nothing new in the investment universe. But what was once considered a “fringe” strategy is becoming an increasingly mainstream approach. Today, there is an increased awareness that choosing opportunities now referred to as Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) can create good investment value.

The concept has matured in recent decades. At one time, much of the focus of SRI was to screen out specific types of companies, such as corporations involved in the tobacco business or defense contracting. The primary emphasis for socially responsible investors was on the values of a specific company, with its financial prospects playing a secondary, though still important role.

Today, there is an increasing belief that companies with a focus on environmental, social and governance factors may ultimately be more profitable. Professional investors who focus on SRI now seek to identify companies that are positioning themselves for long-term success by taking a more socially responsible approach. This may create better investment opportunities for individuals seeking to pursue a values-driven style in their own portfolios.

Different approaches to “investing for good”

Determining what suits your own preferences as a socially responsible investment is clearly a personal decision. Some of the approaches used today include:

• Avoiding specific investments – staying away from investments in what some would refer to as “sin” stocks, such as tobacco, alcohol and gambling firms. This “negative screening” process can also include companies involved in the defense business or in certain industries that may have a harmful impact on the environment (i.e., oil companies, pesticide manufacturers).

• Investing in companies that promote causes – this may include firms focused on sustainable approaches to growth that consider what’s best for the health of the planet, for example. In other cases, it might be firms that promote specific social stances such as worker’s rights.

• Investing in firms in specific industries – companies that address long-term societal issues, such as clean energy or responsible water usage, may be attractive to some investors.

Investing for a social purpose does not necessarily mean compromising financial objectives. The most effective SRI strategy continues to be focused on the financial fundamentals of an investment, while considering other factors, like those listed above, as part of the screening process. In short, you as an investor are still seeking to make a profit and achieve specific financial goals, but you are finding ways to do so with a sense that your investment benefits the world in a broader way as well.

How individuals can pursue their own SRI strategy

Investing in a socially responsible way is not limited to buying individual stocks or other investments. There are a variety of mutual funds, for example that offer different approaches to sustainable and responsible investing.

Most of these are stock mutual funds that are centered on the actions of specific companies. There are also bond funds that invest in debt issued by governments and corporations aimed toward positive environmental and social development.

If you participate in a pension plan at work, your plan may pursue SRI approaches within its portfolio. One other alternative is to consider direct investments in community-based organizations that will use raised funds to pursue its objectives and still pay investors a return. Talk with a financial professional about finding ways to align your values with your financial goals and long-term objectives.

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